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Advanced Flyers has shut down operations as of May 1, 2017. If you need support, please use contact page.

Simulator Rentals and Rates

Rental rates shown as of November 18, 2017 are for member use. Non-member rates are higher, call for quote.

Hobbs Hour is the time between engine start and shutdown

ImageIdentityFeaturesAdvanced PlanIntermediate PlanBasic Plan
Simulator FMXFMX

2010 Redbird FMX-1000
G1000, G530, G430$59 / Hobbs Hour$64 / Hobbs Hour$69 / Hobbs Hour

Redbird FMX Details

Whether you're in primary training (VFR) or adding an instrument rating (IFR), our simulator offers these benefits:

  • Much more affordable than renting real aircraft with similar equipment.
  • If you're new to flying, familiarization with flight controls and instruments can be accomplished faster.
  • Pause a flight, ask questions, then resume flying or retry things quickly.
  • Try takeoff and landing on every flight. In a real plane, you wouldn't be allowed until mastering certain skills.
  • Practice multiple skills in the same flight.
  • For instrument training, you don't have to wait for bad weather.
  • You don't lose time flying to a practice area before initiating manoeuvers or instrument approaches.
  • Practice the unexpected safely, like engine failure on takeoff or inadvertent flight into bad weather.
  • Instructor can simulate failure of specific instruments.
  • No time wasted on pre-flight, getting dirty checking oil, etc.
  • Do all this from the comfort and convenience of our climate-controlled office.
  • Bathroom break when you need it, not when you can land.
  • FAA approved to log time for private, instrument, commercial, ATP certificates.
  • See FAA approval details (PDF)
  • Videos of the simulator's capabilities can be seen on YouTube by clicking here and here.
Redbird FMX Full-Motion Simulator

Redbird FMX Full-Motion SimulatorRedbird FMX Full-Motion Simulator Wrap-Around Screens

Analog Gauges and Garmin 530/430 Simulation

Analog Gauges and Garmin 530/430 Simulation

Garmin G1000 PFD / MFD Simulation

Garmin G1000 PFD / MFD Simulation