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Simulator Rentals and Rates

Rental rates shown as of March 28, 2017 are for member use. Non-member rates are higher, call for quote.

Hobbs Hour is the time between engine start and shutdown

ImageIdentityFeaturesAdvanced PlanIntermediate PlanBasic Plan
Simulator FMXFMX

2010 Redbird FMX-1000
G1000, G530, G430$59 / Hobbs Hour$64 / Hobbs Hour$69 / Hobbs Hour

Redbird FMX Details

Whether you're in primary training (VFR) or adding an instrument rating (IFR), our simulator offers these benefits:

  • Much more affordable than renting real aircraft with similar equipment.
  • If you're new to flying, familiarization with flight controls and instruments can be accomplished faster.
  • Pause a flight, ask questions, then resume flying or retry things quickly.
  • Try takeoff and landing on every flight. In a real plane, you wouldn't be allowed until mastering certain skills.
  • Practice multiple skills in the same flight.
  • For instrument training, you don't have to wait for bad weather.
  • You don't lose time flying to a practice area before initiating manoeuvers or instrument approaches.
  • Practice the unexpected safely, like engine failure on takeoff or inadvertent flight into bad weather.
  • Instructor can simulate failure of specific instruments.
  • No time wasted on pre-flight, getting dirty checking oil, etc.
  • Do all this from the comfort and convenience of our climate-controlled office.
  • Bathroom break when you need it, not when you can land.
  • FAA approved to log time for private, instrument, commercial, ATP certificates.
  • See FAA approval details (PDF)
  • Videos of the simulator's capabilities can be seen on YouTube by clicking here and here.
Redbird FMX Full-Motion Simulator

Redbird FMX Full-Motion SimulatorRedbird FMX Full-Motion Simulator Wrap-Around Screens

Analog Gauges and Garmin 530/430 Simulation

Analog Gauges and Garmin 530/430 Simulation

Garmin G1000 PFD / MFD Simulation

Garmin G1000 PFD / MFD Simulation