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Private Pilot License

License Process Overview

Learn at your own pace, one step at a time

Obtaining your private pilot license is an exciting and straight-forward process. Combining studying with hands-on flying practice on a regular basis, you'll gain new knowledge and piloting skills in a smooth progression.

Your training will cover in-depth a variety of interesting subjects, such as weather dynamics, flight planning, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, navigation, communications, emergency procedures, federal regulations and more.

Minimum Requirements

You'll need all of the following to obtain a license
  • Read, speak, and understand English
  • Get a third-class (or better) Student Pilot and Medical certificate
  • Log a minimum 40 hours of flight time in your logbook
  • Log ground instruction in your logbook
  • Pass an FAA knowledge test
  • Pass an FAA practical test (checkride)
  • Be at least 17 years old when you take the tests (you can train sooner)

Foreign Citizen Requirements

If you're not a US citizen, you need a security check

Foreign citizens need approval from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to begin flight training. This is done by registering on TSA's website. However, foreigners can take an introductory flight lesson without registering.

Getting Started

Follow these simple steps to begin training

In order to begin flight training, we recommend you do the following. We'll help you at each step of the way if you need us, so don't worry. First of all, let's get you into a plane to see if you like it.

1 Take an Introductory Flight Lesson (Recommended)

If you've never piloted a plane, an introductory lesson is the best way to experience the fun of flying and what you will need to learn to finish the license.

2 Join the Club

Prior to training, you must join online as a club member to schedule and rent our aircraft. You can do this quickly online right now with a credit card, which we'll use for charging your aircraft rentals and membership dues.

3 Choose an Instructor

Every instructor has a unique instruction style and personality and will try to accomodate your schedule and learning pace, resulting in a highly "personalized" experience. We leave it up to you to choose one of our instructors that best suits your personality and budget.

4 Start Flying

With your new membership, you can reserve aircraft and your instructor, use our office facilities for lessons and go flying !

Sample Private Pilot License (Front & Back)

Sample Student Pilot & Medical Certificate