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Flight Instructors

All instructors below can teach primary students (Private Pilot). Many teach instrument, tailwheel, G1000 systems and other topics listed in their profiles.

NameRateAvailabilityAdditional Instruction CapabilitiesAbout Me
Gordon Reade$ 60Full-timeInstrument
Dave Scheinman$ 60Part-time
Bob Arasmith$ 60Part-timeInstrumentG1000
Radu Popovici$ 60Part-time
Thomas Daniel$ 60Part-timeInstrumentTailwheelG1000
Robert French$ 70Part-timeInstrumentG1000G1000 expert; not local
Joshua Smith$ 70Part-timeInstrumentTailwheelG1000
Patricia Andrews$ 80Full-timeInstrumentG1000
Sue Ballew$ 80 - $ 90Full-timeInstrumentG1000Live the dream!
Max Trescott$ 90Full-timeInstrumentTailwheelG1000
Howard Foster$ 90Full-timeInstrumentG1000
Darryl Kalthof$ 90Full-timeInstrumentTailwheelG100020 year / career instructor