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Large Fleet of Cessna Aircraft

Learn to fly using the world's favorite airplanes
Cessna Skyhawk 172SP Our Cessna 172SP Skyhawks can carry four people and include GPS navigation, autopilot, dual radios, color map displays and more. We have analog gauge and G1000 avionics equipped models.

Affordable Trainers

We have options to fit everyone's budget
Piper Warrior For student pilots and the lowest-cost training, we have very affordable Piper Warrior and Archer four-seat aircraft, starting at only $99/hour !

Great Training Location

Real-world flying, in the heart of silicon valley
Palo Alto Airport Flying out of Palo Alto, you'll learn to navigate like a pro through the complex San Francisco Bay airspace. You'll then be able to handle other busy airspaces such as Los Angeles or Las Vegas!

FAA-Approved Test Center

Take all your knowledge tests conveniently in-house
PSI LaserGrade Logo We're certified as an FAA testing center so you can take your FAA knowledge tests right here using the PSI / LaserGrade testing system. Call (800) 211-2754 to pre-schedule or take a walk-in exam.

Save Time with Simulation

Experience realistic scenarios faster and cheaper

Redbird FMX-1000 Simulator
Redbird FMX Flight Simulator Screens

Our Redbird FMX simulator is ideal for introductory lessons, instrument training or familiarizing yourself with analog instrument or Garmin G1000, G530, G430 avionics operation. With its motion platform and eight screens, you'll be immersed in the illusion of flight. Simulator videos can be seen here and here.

Emergency maneuvers can be practiced safely, conveniently and paused for review and discussion with an instructor.

Glass Cockpit Training

Step into the future of aviation technology

Garmin G1000
G1000 Cabin

Most aircaft produced today have Garmin G1000 instrumentation as a standard feature. The system's dual 10.5 inch screens reveal airspeed, altitude, attitude, heading, navigation courses and communication channels, engine parameters, zoomable maps, airport diagrams, terrain, obstacles and more.

Using our G1000 equipped aircraft or our Redbird FMX simulator, you can safely and easily learn this new system in a short time.

KPAO 102355Z 33006KT 10SM BKN160 18/13 A3017 KSQL 110347Z 00000KT 10SM SKC 17/11 A3016 KHAF 110355Z AUTO 00000KT 7SM CLR 13/11 A3014 RMK AO2 KLVK 110353Z 08004KT 10SM CLR 14/09 A3016 RMK AO2 SLP211 T01440089